Privacy Policy

We plea or request you to read our “privacy” section carefully. We are concerned about your “privacy” and hope that you will also understand that, why “privacy” is necessary. We don’t want to hide anything from our ‘visitors” or “customers” or “consumers”.

Why Privacy?

First of all, we tell you why “privacy” is necessary. Now, your browser “Google” and “laws” in judiciary “courts” say that all web sites will tell visitors what are “privacies” of that web site. The “laws” of the “courts may vary from country to country. But basic “privacies” remain the same.

What is Basic Privacy (Your Personal Data)?

When you are visiting our web site then we just see your “location”, “IP Address”, and “watch time”. It is merely to check the performance of our web site. It tells us how people are interested in our web site.

When you write/post a “review” or leave a “comment” then you have to write there, your name, contact, and e-mail. But approximately all web sites including ours display the only name, publicly. It is just to show other ‘visitors” or people that how our web site is getting fame or popularity among people, on the internet.

Approximately, “this” is your basic privacy. And, all other privacies revolve around “this”.

How We Collect Your Data?

We are just “marketer” of the “services” or “nutritional supplements”. So, we just collect the client’s data or customer’s data that can be used for various purposes (but not for sale). Your data (just name, not e-mail) can also be shown in “comment” or “review“. But we don’t share your data with others, even not with our third-parties and sponsors. If you provide your information to third-parties even “clicking” from our site then we do not take responsibility for anything.

For us, “privacy” is necessary for transparency and honesty. It creates a friendly environment. This can enhance confidence in you. This also helps us to check how much you are interested in our “goods” and/or “reviews”.

When you buy a “service” or “product” or “supplement” from our site then you have to provide name, contact, address, and e-mail. We save this personal information for various purposes. We don’t save your credit card’s password. First, we will use this information to deliver your “products”. So, in future, we can also see how many goods or products we have sold. But we say again that we don’t share or sell this personal information with anyone. We may send you regular e-mails but you can stop us anytime.

Cookies Privacy:

Generally, we will send “cookies” (not virus) to your computer (can be erased). This also helps us to trace your IP address and location. This will also help us to check your “record” for the next time when you come to our Site again.

 So, “Cookies” are necessary. Your “browser” sends “cookies” automatically. “Cookies” is just a way to trace your location. If you browse our site in “Incognito” then Cookies are not sent but this can hide some functions of the Site. So, this does not let you check entire information of Site or “service” or “supplement”. In future, we may or may not ask you for “acceptance of cookies” before sending.

Third-Party Privacy:

As we told that our sponsors (third-parties) can also sell their “goods” or “supplements”. They have just pasted a link(s) that drag you to their web site. When you click that link then you reach to their web site. There, you have to read their “terms of service” and “privacy”. We do not take responsibility for the third-party and/or “sponsors”.

How We Protect Your Data?

We protect your data from third-party even from our sponsors and “Google”. We never share or sell your data to earn money.

Last, we have “rights” to change these “privacies” at any time. We may or may not post a notification for “changing”. You need to review our “privacy” and “Terms And Conditions” every time, especially when you want to buy a “product”.