Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Virildizon.Com, Please read “terms of service” carefully. Plus, you can also read “privacy policy” here on this web site. We have not anything hidden from you. So, you have to abide by our “terms of use”.

“Who We Are?”:

We are “a digital marketer” who own staff articles. These are called “reviews” of the “nutritional supplements”. This is just to help you improve your overall health and well-being, and information too. You have “rights” to read these articles to know about “services” and/or “supplements”. You can also share “links” via the internet or social media (not copy/paste) of “reviews” with friends, family, and loved ones. So, they can also read these “reviews” to improve their information about “nutritional supplements”.


We own staff articles on “Virildizon” web site. You can read “reviews” anytime. We may restrict your “visiting” for our web site so that other “visitors” can avail “opportunities”. You cannot “Republish” these “reviews” via copy/paste or any other trick. We have “rights”, “laws” and “privacy”.


The “products” or “supplements” we have on this web site have logos and brand’s names. These trademarks are the property of their merchants or companies. You cannot download or use these “logos” on your web site. They have all rights and can “complain” in “courts” or any other “platform”. 

What You Can Do On Our Web Site?

As we told you that you cannot republish our staff articles. But you may post/write your “feedbacks”. You can write/post a comment(s) and/or a review(s) on our web site anytime. Make sure you are not posting anything, abusive and unlawful. To post a comment or review, please read these lines carefully below:

You can post/write a “comment” and/or a “review” anytime. You have to write your name and e-mail but we just display your name, not e-mail.

You cannot post/write a “thing” other than “feedbacks”. That comment will not be published.

You cannot post/write a whole “article” for spreading your staff article. And, you cannot post/write a “hyperlink” of your web site to our web site.

Acceptance of Agreements:

If you want to buy or purchase anything from us then you can anytime. We are available for you 24/7. We will require “things” from you to deliver your “supplements”. These nutritional supplements are not made by us. So, we don’t take responsibility for any damage or loss from supplements. We just sell nutritional supplements and take a “commission” from the company. You provide your “real” name, address, contact, and e-mail. We store your data for our “concerns”. But we don’t share ‘this” information with anyone, even with our third-party. You can buy a “service” and/or “supplements” via credit card. But we do not trace or store your password. You can cancel your order anytime within certain/limited days. You can request for “account termination” (if you have any) from/on our site.

Third-Party Services:

Third-parties are also selling the “services” or “nutritional supplements” via our site. But we do not let them post their “contents” or “reviews”. They can just paste a “link” that will drag you to their web site(s). Then you have to provide “information” to them. We do not take responsibility for them. So, you have to care about yourself while providing “information”. Those web sites are not checked by us.


We also want to tell you that we have written “information” in simple words so you can read easily. In other words, we do not want to hide anything from you as “vague”. Hence, you must read “these” information carefully. We have “rights” to change “these” information anytime without informing you.